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Kylie Rae
    Animal Communication,       Healing and Products -     
Apple Blossom Wellness 

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About Kylie Rae Animal Communication - Apple Blossom Wellness

Our Background

  • Hi I'm Kylie Rae Egan. My aim is to empower & bring together people and their pets, (past/present) through Animal Communication, Healing and Products.                                     

  • My Qualifications

  • Animal Communication - Intermediate Certificate, Udemy, Claire Bloomfield (2022)

  • Animal Communication For Beginners Certificate, Udemy,Claire Bloomfield (2022)

  • Animal Communication Certified Course - the Natural Way, Udemy, Helen Davita (2019)

  • Sacred Source Healing (2018)

  • Certificate ll in Animal Studies Kangan Institute (2019)

  • Certificate in Flower Therapy (2018)

  • Certificate IV in Feng Shui of Environmental Studies (2010)


Contact Us

44 Hillcrest Dr, Westmeadows VIC 3049, Australia

0439 588 872

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Services at Apple Blossom Wellness

Here For You

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Animal Communication & Healing

  •    Animal Communication is a beautiful connection with your pet (past or present). All I need is a recent photo, a list of questions for your pet and if there is anything that you would like to say to them.  Following the connection, I'll  do a lovely Sacred Source Distant Healing with your pet. The healing empowers and comforts your pet promoting their overall balance and wellbeing. K x

  • Option (A) Online $150 (1.5 hour Communication & Healing) - Please send me through your questions and your pet's photo to assist me to connect. After I do the connection I will do a 20 minute distant Healing on your pet including 2 phone calls, one before and one after.  K x

  •  Option (B) Online $120 (1 hour Communication & Healing) - Please send me through your questions and your pet's photo for me to connect. I will then do a 10 minute distant Healing on your pet following the connection. Afterwards I will call you by phone or facetime (depending on your preference) to discuss how it went.

*NB- (This is for Educational Purposes only. Always consult your Veterinarian).

Pet Feng Shui - Onsite $200/Online $150

  •    Feng Shui for your pet is an onsite ($200) or online ($150) Animal Connection, Communication and Assessment for your pet in regards to where they sleep, rest and or play. Chi Energy flow, furniture placement and the environment will be assessed. Suggestions will then be put forward to assist and help to  support their comfort and wellbeing. K x

  • *NB- (This is for Educational Purposes only. Always consult your Veterinarian)

Our Services

Resin Pet Tags

  • Handmade Resin Pet Tags -  Each tag can be hung on your pet's collar to assist them with love, happiness, grounding, peace, confidence, protection and health. They are lightweight and consist of healing gemstones and or dried flowers. 

  • Check out our Etsy page for more products *NB - This is for Educational purposes only, always consult your Veterinarian).

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Specially Designed Resin Products

   Resin products designed according to your pet's needs for Birthday, Christmas, Special Events or Memorial.

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- A beautiful memorial piece (from $20 or above depending on the size of the piece) can be made with some fur from your deceased pet including dried flowers and or gemstones. For example as you can see in this picture, pink Rose Quartz gemstones (representing love) were added to the fur in these pieces. 

**NB - Messages may come through from your beloved pet while I make the memorial piece. 

'Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains un-awakened".

Anatole France

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Our Services

Animal Communication readings, products and healing !

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Contact me Today !



Adriana De Angelis - 
'Sossètte and I would love to thank Kylie for her transformational healing. His digestive issues stopped straight away with the animal healing and reading that you provided. Not only was he healed instantly but you gave me tools that have been so helpful in becoming a pet owner. Would highly recommend Kylie Thank you so much once again Adriana De Angelis.'
Elizabeth Murphy - 
'Thank you Kylie for my two readings for my dogs Marley and Bruce. Both were interesting and informative. I understand both a little better and I definitely see an improvement in Bruce. All your advice and recommendations are very helpful.'

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