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Animal Communication

   Animal Communication can assist you to understand your pet (past or present) more clearly as I connect and tune in to your pet and or to their photo.  It's a lovely way for you to ask them questions and or to tell them a special message. Each animal is a sentient being with their own thoughts, feelings, wants and needs.  

*Option A - $120 for 1 hour online connection with a 10 minute distant healing included. Please supply your pet's photo, a list of questions and or what you would like to say to them.

*Option B - $150 for 1.5 hour online connection with a 20 minute distant healing included, 2 phone calls, one prior and one after.

*Option C - $200 (Onsite) or $150 (online) - Feng Shui for your pet is an onsite or online Animal Connection, Communication and Assessment for your pet in regards to where they sleep, rest and or play. Chi Energy flow, furniture placement and the environment will be assessed. Suggestions will then be put forward to assist and help to  support their comfort and wellbeing. K x

(**NB- This is for Educational purposes only, always consult your Veterinarian ).   

Products Available

 *Handmade Resin Pet Tags - Each tag can be hung on your pet's collar to assist them with love, happiness, grounding, peace, confidence, protection and health. They are lightweight and consist of healing gemstones and or dried flowers. Available on Etsy in my AppleBlossomWellness Shop :-

and or at my inside stall at the Good Vibrations Bohemian Bulla Market, every 3rd. Sunday, 5 Green Street, Bulla.

 *Handmade Pet Bandannas and Bowties

*Handmade Resin products designed according to your pet's needs for Birthday, Christmas, Special Events or Memorial.

K x

(**NB- This is for Educational purposes only, always consult your Veterinarian ). 


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